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The PixPal Project Plan


November 2021


Q3 2022



PixPal is the first ever community-driven platform that eases individuals into the new and exciting world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is a simplified platform with clear-cut products — easy to relate to and understand.

PixPal combines the digital world with the material world. Creating a mix of products that live both in the virtual/metaverse, as well as outside of it - in actual tangible locations. Our main objective is to engineer a lively, incredibly active, ecosystem. One based on cutting-edge artistic projects and NFT collections. Collections that can easily be moved from the online NFT marketplace into a brick-and-mortar art gallery. Eventually, we are integrating into our platform other products such as crypto coins, tokens, crypto games, and revolutionary metaverse inspired items.


Original NFT Collection

PixPal’s original NFT collection is crucial to our success. It is the gateway by which members enter our platform and explore the exciting world of NFTs.

At our launch stage, in 2022, we will be integrating 3 brand new NFT collections - with main characters "Byte" the dog, "Lucky" the bear, and "Croaky" the frog. There will be 9,999 items in total, and each item will be unique.

Owners of these items will be part of PixPal DAO community and will receive multiple perks by the platform.


Phygital NFT Marketplace

PixPal wholeheartedly believes in the viability and competitive nature of the Solana’s blockchain. This is the main reason why we’ve picked this platform over others — more benefits, and a very low pass fee.

Marketplace fees, taken from the selling price of every transaction, will be divided among the creators and investors. 40% of all profits will be funded to cover infrastructure and security costs — the rest, 60%, will be shared by NFT owners.


Hybrid Items Shop

PixPal will be inaugurating physical counterparts of its online shop. In these stores consumers will be able to buy t-shirts, wallets, cups, etc. Each physical item will have an NFT certificate proving its authenticity, and will be securely stored in the Solana blockchain.

Once the technology has been perfected, and the platform worked over, the hybrid stores will be open to the public. Allowing individuals to sell their own NFTs along with physical items/ or representations of it.


Metaverse Art Galleries

Unique collectibles and the best items - from aspiring artists - will be handpicked by the DAO community. For each of those items, the PixPal team will create a once-in-a-lifetime NFT. These NFTs will be curated and made available as meta verse collectibles.

The original owners of the physical art pieces will get a lifetime's worth of royalties — 25%.


PixPal Art Galleries

Our biggest and most brazen push will come when PixPal begins to open physical art galleries around the world — particularly in Capital cities and world renowned metropolises. Consumers will have the ability to discover their favorite NFTs virtually, while simultaneously being able to purchase it in an actual tangible store.

The galleries themselves are being designed to have a modern minimalistic look and metaverse-like experience. Customers will be able to browse NFT collections since PixPal will be adding interactive tools to it. Each gallery will have its own feel, and vibe — customers will be able to explore, be educated, and interact with the world of NFTs and have a fully immersive experience outside of the digital, or virtual.


Crypto Coin/Token

For our initial launch - our 3 main NFT characters - PixPal will also spearhead a massive crypto coin or token push. Each character will have a corresponding digital currency to it.


Community - Driven

Why is PixPal a community-driven crypto effort?

➔ The community as a whole will have voice and veto power when it comes to which project to list on the platform, which one to embrace, and which one to push forward, or disregard.

➔ All projects and collections will be put to a vote — the community can democratically elect to publish or not a collection.