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PixPal is the first ever community driven platform that efficiently and dynamically mixes the benefits of the crypto world, and NFTs, with the practicality of the tangible. A marriage of traditional platforms with innovative solutions.

With centralized governance and a DAO community, PixPal combines the digital world of NFTs and crypto technologies with the real world. We aim to create an NFT ecosystem that starts with an original NFT collections that transitions into an online Phygital NFT marketplace, later manifesting into a brick-and-mortar store.

We would eventually have crypto coins, tokens, crypto games, and metaverse art galleries to complete our goal.

PixPal’s original NFT collection is the key for members to enter and explore the world of PixPal. For our initial stage, we would have 3 NFT collections (with main characters "Byte" the dog, "Lucky" the bear, and "Croaky" the frog) as the entry point into the PixPal world. There will be 9,999 items in total in these collections, and each of these NFTs would be unique.

The owners of this original collection of NFTs will join PixPal DAO community and will receive multiple perks from the platform.

The three main characters from the original NFT collection are drawn by hand, but they are given unique qualities or attributes generated randomly by an algorithm.

The attributes of each character include but are not limited to the body, face, skin, accessories, and more. There are millions of possible combinations using hand-drawn attributes across multiple categories. But only a particular amount will be minted and will be yours to collect.

The Tier 1 collection will be available for a mint. NFTs from Tier 2 & 3 will be pre-minted.

Each NFT will have a base price depending on its PixPal’s Rarity Index (PPRI). The PPRI of the NFT owned will determine the level of the owner; the higher the tier, the bigger reward and involvement.

After mint, buying an NFT from PixPal’s original NFT collection is really simple, you can do it through PixPal’s Phygital NFT marketplace. You can choose to buy it from secondary marketplace for Solana like Magic Eden, Solanart, etc.

Solana is one of the fastest-growing blockchains and has been a top-performing cryptocurrency in the world. This blockchain supports various wallets, but we recommend the following:

  •   – Phantom wallet - most preferred due to their incredible support for NFTs
  •   – Solflare
  •   – Sollet

We are always ready to help you learn the ropes of PixPal. Reach out to us easily through different channels found in our ("Contact Us") section.