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NFT Marketplace

A community driven platform with profit-to-crowd model

Merchandise shop

A new era of NFT ownership

Phygital Marketplace

NFT-backed collectibles from real artists

PixPal Art Galleries

Art galleries in the real world

Crypto Coin/Token

To build a metaverse we need a crypto-fuel


The only crypto project with complete profit-to-crowd design

Our Mission

To merge the virtual (metaverse) and physical worlds through blockchain technology, providing a platform for artists to exhibit their art to the world.

Our Fuel

The whole journey from the metaverse to the real world will be driven by our Profit Sharing Community (PSC), with multiple crypto-related areas covered to extend the borders. Each member will have a voice and a lifetime profit share.

Our Goals

Establish an NFT marketplace that seamlessly showcases virtual spaces to physical lounge-like galleries, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons and spectators.

Say hello to PixPal mascots!


Emerging the metaverse


The world of PixPal introduces a platform for everyone to easily grasp the complex domain of NFT and cryptocurrencies. We’ll bridge the real world with the Metaverse and everyone who joins us will be in for the ride.

The journey you’ll embark on in the world of PixPal will gradually teach you the ropes of this trade.

NFT Marketplace

A community driven platform with profit-to-crowd model


An NFT marketplace where hand-picked collections can be sold and bought.

Distinguished work of art


Proven authors only



Solana is one of the fastest-growing in the market today. Due to its more beneficial features, it can accommodate scaling needs to support our NFTs and their utilities with very low gas fees.





The owners of the initial NFT collection will receive profit shares from all the volume sold on the platform. All the marketplace fees taken on the selling price of every transaction will be shared between the platform owner and initial NFT collection owners.

The power of voice

Private group



Merchandise shop

A new era of NFT ownership

The entry point into the PixPal world. A collection will be drafted based on the main characters and distributed with t-shirts, wallets, cups and more. Each item will have a physical counterpart that comes with an NFT certificate proving its authenticity, securely stored in the Solana blockchain.

Merchandise collection

Phygital Marketplace

NFT-backed collectibles from real artists

The unique collectibles from the best artists will be handpicked by our PSC community. For each item, PixPal masters will create an NFT-collection, curating merchandise and pure virtual items.

The owner of the physical art pieces will get a massive 25% royalties for the whole collection lifetime.

PixPal Art Galleries

Art galleries in metaverse and the real world

The PixPal Art Galleries can be accessible inside and outside the Metaverse. You can come and enjoy our artistic creations in the real world by visiting a PixPal physical galleries. If you’d rather explore it in the Metaverse, our virtual gallery will always be online 24/7

The crypto coin or token will be created for each of the three characters and 3 paths will be covered.

When a crypto coin is created for the first character, it symbolizes a Native asset with its own blockchain. This coin will have a proof of work consensus algorithm.


PoW token

ERC-20 token in the ETH blockchain will be created for the second character.



For the third character, a BEP-20 token in the Binance blockchain will be created.